Boyce Thompson Arboretum pt. 4

I brought the ergo with us to the arboretum so that we could finally attempt the high trail hike just east of the suspension bridge. It’s far too steep to allow Ember to walk but not steep enough to prohibit Payson from trying it, while holding my hand of course!

We started up the trail and it was a lot of fun and Payson was loving it (which is a 180 turn around from his view of hiking last year!) and then… Photobucket

Ember’s shoe fell off and down the side of the mountain a ways. It was super sandy and steep (though it’s hard to tell from the picture) and I had to decide:
a) leave the $14 shoes there
b) wait for someone to hike up and ask them to retrieve it (haha, yeah right)
c) leave Ember with Payson on the trail and climb down there and get it
d) leave Ember in the ergo and climb down there and get it.

I decided to leave Ember in the ergo and start climbing down. If it seemed at all dangerous I’d stop and leave the shoe there. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t really dangerous either so I went ahead and got the shoe! The hardest part was climbing back up because I kept sliding back down in the sand. The best part was I told Payson to wait in a certain spot and not move while I was getting the boot and he did, perfectly πŸ™‚
After getting her shoe we kept on going. Payson and I were having a great conversation and a good time. I remembered to take my camera out of my bag and snap some pictures… this first one was because I’d noticed him crossing his fingers a couple times that day. I don’t know why, but it was cute. Photobucket

Overhead view of Ember in the ergo. These are hard to take, I end up with ten photos of the ground or a closeup of my shoulder or the top of my head. haha Photobucket

But mixed in with the throw away pictures from this angle is always at least one gem: Photobucket

Because it was HOT here in Arizona for SO long (duh, haha) we haven’t hiked for months and months. The last time we hiked Payson did ok but wasn’t really motivated to hike. He mostly liked just wandering through nature looking at stuff. This time he was really into the hike and getting up that mountain and didn’t stop or whine at all! In fact I was the one who eventually suggested going back (because we needed to go grocery shopping before picking the older girls up after school) and he was disappointed to stop! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We did stop a few times for water breaks πŸ™‚ He drank all of his really fast. Next time I’ll bring two sippies for him. Photobucket


Oh boy was it hard holding my arm out to snap this. Getting both kids in the picture was challenging. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson kept wanting to touch the cactus. Photobucket

Remember when Ember’s shoe fell off down the mountainside a ways? Her other shoe met the same fate! This one was both easier and more difficult to retrieve! Easier because it fell only half as far down. Harder because this area of the mountain was more sandy and I was sliding like crazy climbing back up. Photobucket

After retrieving her boot (and putting both in my purse to avoid future losses) we headed back the way we’d come!

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