Ugh, that Ugly Mohawk.

Had to go. I shaved Payson’s head. It looks so bad. I feel guilty. I will have Allan cut his hair from now on or I’ll take him somewhere. Mommy can’t be trusted with clippers šŸ™ Photobucket

Ember was being funny, diving off the kids’ table onto the recliner. Photobucket

And then while she was sitting she kept pushing her feet together and then pulling them up to her face. I didn’t catch her pulling them up to her face but it was funny. She was just sitting there doing that for like ten minutes. Photobucket

I wanted to add that after I shaved his head I told Payson to look in the mirror. He looked in the mirror and his eyes got big and his hands went up to his head and he sadly said, “Mom?! You cut off all my hair?!” And I told him that yeah I did because I messed up his haircut but that it was ok because boys could shave their heads and it would grow back.

Then he smiled and rubbed his head and said he LOVED it. And he has loved it ever since. Funny kid.

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