Daddy’s Home

I’m so much happier when Allan is home. It gets lonely talking to young kids all day every day. Talking with my little kids is fun, watching and hearing them grow and learn is cool. But I desperately need more adult interaction!

We went to look at apartments and townhomes again. And again, hated them all. haha! We want to move out of our house to sell it but we don’t want to live in an apartment! Here in Arizona, in our area, the townhomes are all taken! PhotobucketPhotobucket

All four kids thought the ride around the apartments in this little cart was the best thing ever! Photobucket

We went to Costco after that to print some pictures for Brooklyn’s school poster and had lunch there, too. Photobucket

Ember is always super happy when we let her wander around. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Like with everything in life, Payson spots Ember doing something and has to join her. Photobucket

The kids shared pink lemonade. Do you know once years and years ago I bought Brooklyn and Sierra an ice cream cone to share (because they were really little and one large ice cream cone seemed plenty) and I posted a picture of it and someone said I was a horrible mother to make my kids share! Pretty funny, huh? Every single time my kids share anything, I think about that. I think it’s really healthy for kids to share. My kids are spoiled enough with everything they have in life 😉 Photobucket

I took the following picture to show how Brooklyn talks to her siblings. She had been standing there pointing her finger and chewing Payson out about something and I laughed at her and told her she wasn’t the mom (like I tell her every time she chews out her siblings, which is practically every five minutes) and she laughed, too. I told her to resume the “pose” for a picture. Then she said, “Oh no, are you going to blog about this?!” (Funny enough, I don’t ever point at the kids when I get on them about things) Photobucket

The last stop of our day out was to Fry’s grocery store for… groceries. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Throwing kids up in the air. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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