Hiking Dance

Gah, I have like a hundred pictures I could blog but my photoshop wasn’t working all week so I couldn’t sharpen photos or even resize them for web.

Thank goodness for google searches though because I was able to figure out why it was so slow and change a few settings to get it to go a little bit faster. Just fast enough to resize some pictures from our hike the other day.

Ember loves to dance at all times. It’s adorable. Photobucket

She’s seriously just so darn cute! Photobucket

She makes me happy during the most difficult days! Photobucket

The other kids always laugh and then join in. Photobucket

The other billion things I want to blog about will just have to wait. I have to go to the store because my house is almost 100% empty of food and we’re all sick of eating eggs for every meal! haha

PS: I have started to respond to comments in the comments section (now that blogger added on the glorious reply-to-individual-comments feature!) and I wanted to say again here, thanks for all the comments on my last post. I had no idea other mothers felt the way I do. It really lifted my spirit to know I’m not some kind of monster for not loving all of the things that come with being mom.

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