The Too-Long Halloween Post!

Halloween was difficult this year. I was tired in the weeks, okay months, leading up to Halloween so having to devote extra time and energy into preparing for, and then going through with, a holiday was just too much for this mom.

Also too much for this mom? Her kids. Four kids has pretty much taken me straight to crazy town. I’m stuck here, in crazy town, and can’t get out.

So there was this trunk or treating event at the kids’ school and I really, really didn’t want to go because that would make for two nights of trick or treating.

But I can never say no to school events so we went! At the trunk or treating event at the school we actually had a fantastic time. It was so awesome and happy and fun. Lots of visiting with good friends and lots of candy and LOADS of delightfully charming moments with my Ember! Actually all four of my kids were just melting my heart with adorableness, but you know how a toddler trick or treating is just about the best thing that ever was? Yeah.

So we were there just over an hour. At the trunk or treating thing. The last twenty minutes was spent in a huddle with friends. Adults standing around talking and kids sitting on curbs and binging. Like, true binging. Payson’s butt has not even began to recover from the massive amounts of diarrhea he gave himself with his sugar consumption.

I wish what I just said was a joke or an exaggeration. But no such luck. Poop on the floor, poop on the bed, poop in the pants, poop on his legs, poop, poop, poop, POOP. That’s what I’ve been doing. Scrubbing the nastiest nasty stuff for two days.

And we all have colds. But colds are barely worth mentioning when one has scrubbed so much vile filth as I have.

Then we had the actual day of Halloween. I’d spent so much time cleaning stinky messes that day and Allan wasn’t coming home early enough to help with the kids and Ember was being exceptionally clingy (that child has always been clingy but since returning from Washington it’s at a whole new level!) and all the kids were whiny and loud and hyper and completely nuts.

It was exhausting! I was stressed and wished nothing more than to tell them to get their own costumes on and ready and leave me out of it.

But Payson can’t put his on by himself and the older girls can’t really either, and the girls were begging for makeup… so I didn’t have much of a choice. Ember ruined my good makeup (and by good I mean $10 because that’s the max I spend on a makeup item) while I applied the girls’ mascara and that made me super not happy. And Payson spent the time crapping and then whining to be wiped and then screaming about it hurting his butt (because he had a really bad rash) and Ember finishes destroying my makeup long enough to scream and hang on my leg and take off her costume.

Allan finally got home and I’m like, “Can you please, please, take this child!!” And handed Ember off and got myself dressed. Not in a costume, HA, just in pants because going outside without pants isn’t exactly ok.

And then the kids were adorable trick or treating. So cute!! They were very polite and friendly and did all the right things and also were being so sweet to Allan and me. And they knew we were only going to let them eat one piece of candy and one bag of snack size bag of chips and they were totally cool with that. I usually let them eat more than that after trick or treating but this was the second day in a row with trick or treating so… they got plenty out of their gorging the night before!

There are probably a bazillion more things I could say about Halloween but this is so incredibly lengthy. 1am makes me chatty sometimes. Sorry for blogging at 1am!

And now for the pictures. If you thought because I wrote so much I was going to go light on the pictures, you thought wrong. There are an obscene amount of pictures. Which means, it’s my kind of post!

These first two pictures are from right before going to the girls’ school for trunk or treating. Photobucket

All of their costumes were bought in previous years during clearance sales. Halloween cost us zero dollars. Winning! Photobucket

We got to the school early and I had a chance to snap this before the craziness started. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

She always had to be holding at least one piece. I found so many of her candies with bite marks in the wrapper from her trying to open them. haha, so cute! Photobucket

This is when they first sat down on the curb to eat their loot! Photobucket

Back at home showing off some of their treats. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

It was stressful getting all the kids ready and dealing with sick tummies the next day but it was also a tremendous amount of fun and I had a really good time with my kids while they trick or treated πŸ™‚ PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

And Ember felt nothing but pure excitement and joy the entire day! She had the best time! Photobucket

So these pictures are from Halloween evening. I got the kids dressed up and in the last couple minutes of light (literally, it got DARK while we were out there) I snapped these as fast as I could!! Photobucket

I’m glad I took these! I almost didn’t out of sheer laziness, to avoid one more thing to do, but they’re so cute. They’ll be awesome for display next Halloween πŸ™‚


She really was in the BEST mood all Halloween!

Photobucket Photobucket

(This next picture shows how Ember’s wings kept falling sideways)


The headband Ember’s wearing didn’t go to her costume but she insisted on wearing it. And she kept pulling it forward just enough to make her ears stick out πŸ™‚ PhotobucketPhotobucket

Kissy face. I love her kisses!


When it was Sierra’s turn Ember would not leave. She was having a great time being photographed! Too cute. Sierra didn’t mind, luckily!


As sweet as it was that Ember wanted to join Sierra I finally got Brooklyn to play with Ember off to the side so I could get some of Sierra by herself for her album πŸ™‚ PhotobucketPhotobucket

I didn’t really have to tell the girls what to do. With their makeup and costumes they felt all fancy and acted how they thought a pretty princess would.


The girls got a lot of compliments on their eye makeup. It was glitter stuck on with makeup glue! Sierra wasn’t meant to have it because I didn’t think the pink went with her costume very well but she was instantly in love when I pulled it out and put it on Brooklyn. Nothing in the world would deter her from that pink glitter! Photobucket

Brooklyn felt really spectacular in her costume (oh the belly-showing joy) and posed her heart out.


She kept sticking her belly really far out and it was difficult not to smile and giggle over it. I thought it was seriously adorable but I wouldn’t dare say that to her because she wanted to be really pretty. Not cutesy, I’m sure. Photobucket

My three pretty daughters β™₯ Photobucket

Payson was inside, undressed. He had just finished a major toilet “session” and couldn’t find his costume anywhere and so I told him to just go get undies while I took the girls’ pictures and then I’d get him and take his. The light was going FAAAAAAST and I wanted to at least get three out of the four kids’ pictures done!! PhotobucketPhotobucket

I came back inside after the five minutes out there with the girls and I swear I could SEE the dark moving in. I grabbed a different costume of Payson’s and got it on him and rushed outside to snap a couple of pictures of him. It was REALLY dark by then and I had to use an ISO of 6400 and a slow shutter speed (and 2.8 aperture which is as low as mine goes with my lens) and prayed for no noticeable motion blur! And of course it’s dark and I’m shooting with a slow shutter speed with Payson who is a wiggly, wiggly kid. PhotobucketPhotobucket

I was happy I got three good pictures but kept snapping because he was so happy to be ready for trick or treating. And just SO dang cute!


I told him to do a fireman face. Photobucket

Haha, SO CUTE!! PhotobucketPhotobucket

He was cracking up at me. We had a really fun little two minute photo session there. Most of the time my kids loathe having their pictures taken but then sometimes they think it’s awesome. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Back inside the house we were just waiting for Allan to get home so we could leave. Brooklyn freaked Ember out with some teeth she got in class that day. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Allan got home and we headed out! Photobucket

This is the only picture I took while out trick or treating. Ember was too scared of this house to go up to the door. I held her while the other three went. PhotobucketBack at the house they went through their candy to see what they got and to pick out a good piece for eating right then. Photobucket

We let them eat two. Photobucket

Payson’s hair looks awful, I know. Another story for another post. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

And that, was our Halloween week.

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  • Looks like they had a lot of fun. Their costumes were cute and your pictures are great. We celebrate Halloween tommorrow due to Hurricane Sandy!

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