Payson Says


On drive home from a shopping trip at WalMart (heaven help me, I hate the place):

Payson: “Mom, what’s the other boy’s name on Spongebob?”

Me: “The other boy on Spongebob? Patrick?”

Payson: ” No, the other one.”

Me: “Squidward?”

Payson: “No.”

Me: “Mr. Crabs?”

Payson: “Yeah, Mr. Crabs!”


Me: “What were you thinking about Mr. Crabs?”

Payson: “He likes money!”

Me, laughing: “Yes, he sure does! What does he do with his money?”

Payson: “He makes towers out of it!”

Me, laughing more: “Yes he does! What would you do with all that money?”

Payson: “I would spend it all in quarter machines. I’d get aliens and giant eyes, I’d get ninjas and big monsters, and candy!”

Me: “That’s a really good idea, I love quarter machines. What would you do with all those toys?”

Payson, with the biggest grin ever: “PLAY with them!!!”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The other day driving home from McDonald’s: Payson: “Mom, you got cheese? There’s cheese in McDonald’s?”

Me: “Yep.”

Payson: “Where does cheese come from?”

Me: “Cheese comes from cows! A farmer milks the cow and then they stir and stir and stir the milk and it turns into cheese!” Payson thinks for a while and then says, “There’s a cow in McDonald’s?!”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today: Payson: “Are there bad guys in our house?”

Me: “No. There aren’t any bad guys in our house!”

Payson: “There’s no bad guys in our house? Where do bad guys live?”

Me: “Um, bad guys live… umm, they live in their own houses just like we do. Not in our house, though!”

Payson: “Then we shouldn’t go to a bad guys house and ding dong because they’ll open the door and gobble us up!”

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