Grocery Shopping

After a particularly challenging week Allan came home and I left for the store with only Ember along for the task. Photobucket

There are a LOT of pictures of her sitting in the cart in this post… I couldn’t help it. She is just the cutest little thing to ever exist! (She was doing her kissy face) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

More kissy faces. PhotobucketPhotobucket

She loves to hold items we’re buying as we shop. Occasionally she opens them, rips off the wrappers, or throws them. She’s big enough that she can reach most things in the cart so even though I try to keep breakables away from her, she manages to grab stuff. It’s not fun… she even threw and shattered a jar of spaghetti sauce a couple weeks ago. But… this phase will pass. PhotobucketPhotobucket

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