Road Trip to Washington! The Last Day Driving Home!

The last day!

Here’s the first post.

We started off from our hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The little two kids were screaming bloody murder over the sun in their eyes. Oh my gosh. I finally found a place to pull over and tie Payson’s blanket up to block it. Photobucket

They were happy kiddos then!


We went straight to Salt Lake City. Well, we stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks and whatnot.

We stopped at the Salt Lake City airport to pick up Allan. He was there dropping off his rental car. We stopped at a few places in the state to look at houses and rentals and then we headed home. Photobucket

But then the kids were super hungry so we stopped for lunch. We got a pizza. Then we had to get chili and a baked potato for Payson because he can’t have gluten. Then Brooklyn wanted a taco instead. So we brought all the food to Del Taco and ate outside there! Photobucket

Some seagulls came at the end of our meal and my kids were really happy when I let them throw the pizza crusts to them. I don’t know if that’s an ok thing to do? But we did it. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember spent most of the time there running away and trying to get into the building. Toddlers are a lot of work! PhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson was refusing to eat (after spending time with grandma who spoiled him he wouldn’t eat ANY food! Just wanted sweets) so we finally got him to eat his chili by bribing him with fries. Allan was making this extreme face to show how excited he was that Payson was eating! PhotobucketPhotobucket

While the older girls went potty before we left I let Ember play a claw machine game. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Hours later we stopped at a gas station and the kids got snacks. Photobucket

Payson wore this bucket on his head most of the drive home! When Allan took it off to put him in bed there was a sweaty circle mark around his entire head! Photobucket

The last picture I took. We drove straight home and the kids didn’t get out of the car again. We got home suuuuper late. We got the kids in bed and pretty much went and passed out in bed ourselves! Photobucket


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  • I can't imagine driving all that way by myself!!! You are the woman!!!!!!! Utah eh?! If you do move to SLC we'll have to meet up and have our little kiddos play!!! Crossing fingers that things work out!!

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