Road Trip to Washington! Visiting Aunt Kelly

Despite the title, I don’t actually have pictures of my older sister, Kelly, in this post! I forgot to snap some once she met up with us.

First thing we did that day was bathe my children. They were dirty! PhotobucketPhotobucket

On this trip I bathed all three younger kids together and then Brooklyn would go after. It just saved me time and energy to do it that way! Photobucket

We met my sister at this frozen yogurt place. My mom paid for us all. It was SO freaking good! Photobucket

We went to my sister’s house and hung out and had pizza (I LOVE seeing my sister) and then later on, at home the next day, my mom spent some time cuddling with Payson on the couch. My mom was feeling really yucky that day. Turns out she had this really bad cold/flu virus! Photobucket

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