Road Trip to Washington! Hanging Out with Family

So we didn’t do a whole lot in Washington. Mostly we hung out at my mom’s house. The kids got lots of great time with her, their grandpa and their aunts and uncles. I didn’t take a lot of pictures while there because I just generally don’t take pictures of others besides my kids. I feel awkward.

My mom made the kids some great meals while we were there. It was awesome not cooking for five days!! Photobucket

A picture of Brooklyn, just because she was so cute. Photobucket

My mom bought Ember this outfit. Photobucket

We went to Fred Meyer because I needed some things. Toothbrushes, diapers, and deodorant mostly. That’s my younger brother, Kyle, with the kids. They adored him! Photobucket

My mom loves coloring with the grandkids. My kids colored a whole lot. And when the kids weren’t, the adults were! Photobucket

This was probably only half of the coloring pages my mom printed for the kids! Photobucket

Ember and my younger sister, Jeena. Photobucket

I LOVE this picture of my kids with their grandparents sleeping! Photobucket

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