Road Trip to Washington! Day 4 of Driving

So I showered in the morning and boy did that feel good! Photobucket

The kids outside our hotel in Kennewick, Washington. Photobucket

The first time I’d done my makeup that week! Photobucket

We made it to Seattle right at rush hour. Photobucket

We sat in traffic for a very, very long time. Especially from just north of Seattle to Everett. Wow. Payson and Ember cried almost the entire time. PhotobucketPhotobucket

We got to my mom’s and a lot of family was there. My mom and her husband and my step brother and sister. My grandparents and my aunt and my little sister and her boyfriend. My kids were a bit overwhelmed. Ember sat there looking from face to face for a lot of the evening. haha

My aunt was holding Ember at one point and bundled her up in this blanket. Photobucket

Ember starting to just come out of her shell; getting used to all the new faces. Photobucket

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