Road Trip to Washington! Day 2 on the Road.

AKA: The day everything fell apart. Except Ariana’s mood 😉

We had stayed at Comfort Inn in Bountiful, Utah. We’d made it there by 1am and were up again driving bright and early. I was tired, I was hopeful the kids would sleep some in the car and we’d make some good progress. Photobucket

So in southern Idaho there are many, many miles of driving with absolutely NO services offered. During that long drive (in which my gas light was on the entirety of!) Payson SCREAMED about having to pee. I finally caved and pulled over on the side of the road and he peed all over himself. And guess what! ONE mile later there was a gas station. DOH! Photobucket

We made it to Idaho! Photobucket

A few snaps after a quick breastfeeding stop. PhotobucketPhotobucket

The kids were getting super sick of driving so we stopped off somewhere in Southern Idaho to burn off some energy. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Not too long after that stop to burn energy, this happened: Photobucket

My tire exploded. AAA was called and we waited, and waited, and waited. Photobucket

We were luckily completely alone on the road just when it happened and able to pull off to the side easily. It was disappointing because I knew it would cause us a huge time loss on the trip 🙁 PhotobucketPhotobucket

So, then the worst part was when the guy came to help he couldn’t get our tire (which is mounted underneath our car) off without a certain metal pole. I couldn’t find the metal pole anywhere in the back of my car, in all the secret cubbies. He asked me to keep looking all over the car. I ended up taking EVERYTHING out (the other side of my car had stuff piled up just like the picture below) and taking the carseasts and seats out and looking EVERYWHERE.

That metal pole is not in our car; when we bought it it must not have came with it. So, the guy eventually (after a long, long time) got the tire off and I then had to put everything back in the car!

He stayed to watch me to make sure when I drove off everything was fine, so there I was loading back up my giant car with all those things and Ember was screaming over not being held. So I actually put Ember in the ergo and wore her while putting everything back together. I was pouring sweat and exhausted in the end! haha. Fun, fun times! Photobucket

All the tire places were closed on Sundays so we were stuck in Boise, Idaho for the night. We got a hotel. Photobucket

When shoving everything back in my car I’d hurried and not organized it as well as I like, so I brought everything in the hotel to reorganize. Not to mention the entire back of my car was full with a giant, exploded tire! ha Photobucket

The road trip up to that point had been complete chaos and… torture… despite me bringing a couple hundred dollars worth of new toys, books, and activities, and a full box AND cooler of food… so that night I went to WalMart and bought a portable DVD player with two screens! I am the type that was anti DVD players in the car but now I’m a FULL convert!! I love that thing with the passion of my whole heart! haha PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We had Panda Express for dinner. They were closing when we got there so we even got extra free food! SO GOOD! PhotobucketPhotobucket

I let the kids watch one of the $5 movies we bought at WalMart. They were so happy. Little TV/Movie lovers. (Who isn’t?) Photobucket

Ember LOVED hotels. She spent her time talking on the phone, playing with all the free pens, wearing everyone’s shoes, opening and closing the dresser drawers (and putting lots of things inside), and messing with all of our bags! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketAnd that was the end of the second day of driving!

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