Road Trip to Washington! Part 1

Finally getting around to posting all of my Washington trip photos! I thought about just posting one post at a time but I’m just not that kind of person. haha. I like to do it all at once and have it over with!

So, day ONE! Leaving Arizona.

I spent hours and hours and hours planning this trip! HOURS. DAYS. Planning!

So I wanted to stop at a few fun places along the way because I (rightly) assumed my kids would get nutso trapped in a car day in and day out.

Within the first three hours of the trip Payson had screamed nonstop (like a velociraptor) about having to “poop so baaaaaad!!!” and we stopped at least three times before noon! It was stressful. I knew Ember might be fussy but I didn’t imagine that Payson would be such a beast.

We saw a lot of hot air balloons taking off as we left Phoenix. Photobucket

We stopped at this lookout point. Photobucket Photobucket

After felt like what was an eternity spent listening to screaming we got to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. We spent quite a lot of time there. It was a BIG hit with all four of my kids! We spent so much time there that we had to skip the Grand Canyon (some other time, I suppose!) and go straight on to Utah. (Deer Farm photos in another post) Photobucket

I can’t remember where exactly we stopped for lunch. I believe it was near Flagstaff, Arizona. I had brought a lot of healthy food to supplement with the fast food. That was a good idea because once the healthy food ran out and the fast food became the main diet staple all of my kids were complaining about stomach aches! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

There were breastfeeding stops. Usually when stopping for Payson to poop yet again. Ember went for quite a while in between nursing, though. During the entire road trip she only really nursed in the morning, noon, and then before bed. Photobucket

One of the hundred stops we made for Payson to go potty. Seriously SOOOO many stops for that kid. OMGosh annoying. Photobucket

He finally, finally fell asleep just after passing through Page, Arizona. What a relief!! He’d cried, whined, and screamed the ENTIRE trip up to that point. No joke! Photobucket

We stopped at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Southern Utah. That was a lot of fun! (Photos in another post) Photobucket

We got to the hotel at 1am! We all got washed up. There was quite a lot of sand left in the tub after the water drained! That was the end of the miserable first day of driving! haha Photobucket

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