Post "Vacation"

I never referred to my Washington trip as a vacation as I planned and prepared for it. Why would I? I wasn’t going on vacation. I was taking my children to see their extended family and I knew long before I left that it would be very difficult. In fact, I almost chickened out several times and cancelled the trip and most likely would have completely, preferring to stay home, if my mom hadn’t taken the entire week off work to see us. It was for her I went and so, I went.

It went pretty much exactly how I pictured it… an excessive amount of work and stress. But the thing I didn’t imagine was that I would hold it together so well. I was so worn out and tired the week leading up to the trip and I knew the kids would hate a three day drive and I was right on, but surprisingly, knowing ahead of time how awful it was going to be, I kept it together. I rolled with the punches.

Things really fell apart the very last day I was there. It had obviously been a long, difficult week but then I got an illness my mom had when I arrived. I wouldn’t dare call it a cold because it was so much more but cold/flu is the the most likely label. I have never had a virus so severe. I thought I just might fall to the ground and die at a few times. haha

So the night before we left Washington to come home to Arizona I started feeling downright awful. The morning of our roadtrip home I felt so so bad. And the entire road trip home was pretty much the same. Feeling like the walking dead.

And since I’ve been home not only am I still suffering, trying to kick this illness, but Payson and Ember have come down with it and as horribly as I felt during the roadtrip is as horribly they must feel because oh have they shown me that. The crying, the clingingness, the lack of sleep. I can barely cope.

And the thousand pictures I took during this trip? Oh do I have exactly zero desire to look through or talk about them right now. I think I need a month to even want to look back and try to talk about it all.

But I am editing a picture or two here and there and do plan to post about my trip just because my memory is fresh and I tend to forget things super fast.

But for just now, I’m over here in my disgustingly messy house doing nothing much more than feeding and clothing and holding and wiping butts. Lots of wiping butts, as usual 😉

Hope you all are much healthier and enjoying the fall! Photobucket


2 thoughts on “Post "Vacation"

  • Oh no. I hope all of you recover pronto. I just do not like being sick either. My baby and I were feeling horrible a few weeks ago. It was agony.
    But I am also happy you spent time with your family and got out of Arizona for a few days.
    I can't wait to see your photos.

  • I just typed a big long comment and stupid blogger deleted it right in the middle. Ugh. Anyway I was saying how I love that you keep it real. You don't try to candy coat life with littles because it's not always perfect bliss. As any mom in the world knows. I hope you guys feel better really soon. Glad you got to see your family:-)

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