Preparing for Washington

So here it is 2:30am on Thursday and I still have about a hundred things left to do to get ready to leave tomorrow morning! I swear I make so much progress on packing and planning and then look at my road trip to do list and it has doubled!

We made a trip to WalMart tonight to get some car snacks and new booster chairs for my middle kids. Payson’s seat has been broken and Sierra’s doesn’t support her well enough. Brooklyn threw an epic fit over not getting a carseat. Yes, she threw a 2 year old like tantrum over not getting a Dora booster chair like Sierra. Her fit included laying on the ground sobbing in WalMart. Really.

But now, the kids are bathed and smelling sweet, sleeping soundly in their beds and I am working in the quiet house.

I’m redoing our entire travel itinerary because originally I was going to leave the house at 6am and there is just no way that’s going to happen! I am hoping to sleep in until 9, if the kids will let me, and leave the house by 10. It throws our schedule off four hours so now we’re going to be sleeping in different cities than I planned on and lots of other changes!

I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this road trip goes well. And I’m still incredibly sad Allan isn’t coming with me 🙁 Photobucket


This was a pre-scheduled post. I’m out of town for a couple weeks and have some simple posts set to publish while I’m gone. If I don’t respond to comments, that’s why 🙂

And guess what! Today is Monday the 15th (if this post posted the right day) and that’s the day we should be getting home from Washington! Soooo, Washington photos coming soon!

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