Preschool at Home!

I can’t say I’ll try to post more about our preschool time because I really love having our learning time together be camera free, but once in a while I bring the beast out and snap some photos while the kids play.

Ember joins us, I use pretty much the same things for her as I do with Payson. She plays with it all in very toddler ways while Payson uses them the way they’re made to be used. It works perfectly. Photobucket

I remembered randomly one day that I’d purchased a K4 curriculum and used it a couple times and then forgot about it! I couldn’t believe that and immediately printed out a bunch of stuff and got to work cutting and laminating. Payson was so excited! He had a blast. I love this curriculum! I bought it from the website Confessions of a Homeschooler for only $10!


This game was adding and I have to say, it was just about the cutest thing ever to watch Payson. I really mean it, cutest.thing.ever!! (I have a video of him, when I get back from Washington I’ll maybe buy some movie editing software and start sharing videos again.) Photobucket

Here he is looking at the activities I’d pulled out to use for the day. He was hopping up and down when I came out of my bedroom with the stuff. Cute boy. (You can see off to the side Ember had lined up the number cards while Payson played his adding game) Photobucket


We worked on adding and beginning sounds mostly that day. He is a math whiz but struggles a lot with beginning sounds. So we’re just focusing on letter sounds in general. Photobucket

This was the beginning sounds game we played. He was so funny about it. He’d say, “L is for wadybug. Wadybug. Way-dee-bug. Way, way, way… mom, what else starts with way?” And so we’d stop and practice saying the ‘L’ sound and then I’d tell him some words that start with ‘L’ and he’d get excited each time and say, “Yeah! Lick starts with ‘L’! Yeah, Lion starts with ‘L’!” Photobucket

Ember is getting better at counting this week! I didn’t even intend for that to happen but she learns by listening in. It’s so cute to hear her copy everything Payson and I say during school time. And I should just say, these two kids together during mommy time? HEART MELTING. They are best friends and so good to each other. Photobucket

This is an alphabet puzzle. Photobucket

After a bit of time using the K4 curriculum we moved on to our first love, Mother Goose Time.

I feel like using Mother Goose Time with the K4 Curriculum is perfection for us 🙂

We’re learning about islands in Mother Goose Time. This day we were playing a game to teach about burried treasure. I’d hide a coin under one of these sand dollar lids and Payson would have to try to pick the right lid. Then he’d have a turn. After a while we let Ember join in and she did REALLY well! She’s such a smart toddler! Photobucket


Next we learned about boats. Not in great detail at all because mommy doesn’t know almost anything about boats and was too lazy to look up stuff, but we learned what they can and can’t do and mostly that was… they can float on water! haha. We had fun playing with the little toy boats that came in the kit. Photobucket


PhotobucketAnd that was all 🙂

This was a pre-scheduled post. I’m out of town for a couple weeks and have some simple posts set to publish while I’m gone. If I don’t respond to comments, that’s why 🙂

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