Extended Breastfeeding/Cosleeping Update

After this post I figured I should tell you guys about how Ember is doing lately. When I wrote that post I meant every word. Ember had been attached to me, cranky, and clingy for at least a full week before I wrote it. I was at the end of my rope. So, a day or two later I noticed a shiny new tooth in her mouth!! She’d been teething. I was so relieved to find that tooth. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that she could be teething because it had been months and months since she’d popped a tooth! Ever since the tooth broke the surface she’s gotten “better” and is now nursing a normal (for a toddler) amount most days and is taking naps every day!!!! By herself in her big girl bed!! Photobucket

She falls asleep at night alone, too. She does still wake up between 3-5am at some point and wants me to nurse her before she goes back to sleep. Even when she’s full to the brim with food from dinner. I don’t mind that, really. Waking up once a night is no bid deal. Photobucket


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