Late Afternoon

Ember obsessed with shoes. No matter the outfit or whether or not we’re going anywhere, she wants them on. Photobucket

Her other big thing the last few weeks is pretending she’s a puppy or baby. Cute. Photobucket

Ember is my most helpful child. She loves to clean up around the house, without being asked. And unlike my other kids she won’t just start happily and pick up one or two things and then abandon the project, if she decides to clean something up she cleans the entire mess up! Photobucket

All four of my children like to gather at my feet while I cook and clean in the kitchen. I’ve said before it drives me crazy, but what can you do? This day they were playing in the cupboards, I loved that! Not by my feet, not messing with dishes or the stove?? Great. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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