That’s what I’m feeling right now.
I think it’s time to wean this little girl. I can’t deal with her not ever sleeping without a boob in her mouth.
She nursed for a solid HOUR while I sat in the recliner. I so so so so so so slowly scooted off the chair and miraculously she slept. With Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood blasting in the background for Payson, she slept.

Speaking of Payson, I do SO much for that kid, we have a lot of fun together… and he is SO whiny. Like, CONSTANT whining and crying and screaming! I’m going to find a preschool for him because I have HAD it. I’m sick to death of giving everything I have to children and them being AWFUL human beings. I suppose I spoil them with attention and fun things… I disagreed with Allan for years when he’d tell me that, but… he was right. For three days a week I’d love to have a couple hours without someone whining at me and telling me they hate me after I’ve spent the entire day entertaining them, teaching them, wiping them, feeding them, etc.

And I won’t talk about Brooklyn at age 9 and her horrible attitude (in detail) but boy do I wish I could! The stories I could tell!

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  • Ariana,

    Your post today could've been written by me today, except my kids are 11, 16, & 17. Please don't be so hard on yourself; as parents we can only do what we think is right in God's eyes. I think most of the time us moms think these thoughts you've written down because we are with our kids for so many hours and most of the time we are severely sleep-deprived. From what I've read in your previous posts over the past few years, you are a wonderful mom! Thank you for being so transparent for your readers and I will pray for you tonight when I go to bed. Heather

  • My 3 year old is the exact same way! Every hour he'd throw a tantrum about something! I've been reading a lot of parenting books and I really liked The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child. It talks about using reward charts and i bought a simple chore chart from target and hung it in his room. I had to break it down to “not whiny” in the morning, afternoon and evening. I also had “using nice words” in the morning, afternoon and evening. Then at lunch time we would go to the chart and if he wasn't whiny in the morning he'd get a star, if he didn't say any bad words he'd get a star. Repeat at dinner and bedtime. Once he got 3 stars he'd get to pick a prize from a prize box(i just bought party favor packs at the dollar store). It took about 3 days for it to start working, but he's gone from once an hour to only once a day now! We only used the chart for about 5 weeks. I did throw in some easy tasks on the chore chart too to help him get stars in the begining like putting his clothes in the hamper and brushing his teeth etc. I'm reading The Explosive Child now and I really like that one as well:)

  • You are in good company. I love my kids and they are great kids but my oh my they have serious attitude. Ths morning when I dropped them off at school my son refused to get out and my oldest was very mad she had to go because she didn't feel well. It's always a struggle. Just know that you are not alone. And having a bit of “you” time will actually make you a better mom. I found that out since all my kids are in school this year. I can breathe for a while and then when they come home I am so much happier. You are an awesome mama. That we all know. Try to breathe a little and you will be even more awesome:-)

  • I had a three year old, 10 years ago!, in the same situation. I HIGHLY recommend for your sanity's sake to get online at: Raising Godly Tomatoes. my dh thought I was nuts, and didn't think anything would work for our 3yo who didn't even know how to talk without whining. Seriously!!! She couldn't open her mouth without whinning coming out. If you channel some of your energy that you spend doing all that fun stuff on training, you will be loving life with a sweet boy 🙂 For me it took all of one week. By the end of the week, no more whining. My husband thought it was a miracle 🙂

    For the VERY short version on the training:
    Give him NOTHING that he whines for….AT ALL, ***UNTIL*** he asks in a pleasant voice. If he screams and hollars at you, that is fine, you just carry on with what you are doing as if all is right with the world. Make sure he does not walk off, he has to follow through with what you have told him to do (ask in a nice voice). Serously, that is all. It will seem like your every. single. minute/second. of. the. day. will be getting him to do this. But he's still young, and I am sure by the end of the week, you'll be whine free. The Raising Godly Tomatos site has a forum that you can ask any questions.


  • You are not alone. I weaned my little one last Sept. (she was 2 and a half)—I'm glad I breastfed for so long—but there came a point where I was just ready to be done…we got it down to 1 quick feeding at night before bed, it was just a comfort thing for her. Also, I can totally relate to the 9 y/o attitude. I've got one that age too—man, it's rough sometimes. I always love your blog. 🙂

  • Does Ember breast feed for nourishment or does she cling to you for other reasons? I've just never in my life witnessed a toddler have such attachment issues to their moms breast. I know VERY little about breast feeding, for I only breast fed Brendan for a little over half a year…But still he never used my breast for reasonings other than nourishment. Yes, I loved the bonding that ensued, but he never used my breast as a way to get my attention. I may be the most ignorant girl ever when it comes to this, but I just assumed that when your baby relys on your boobs to be put to sleep, for comfort, as a way to grab/steal your attention…etc…then it just may be time to wean. I also ask, why would Ember even want or voluntarily choose to wean herself if she has to rely on your breast for many other things besides being nourished.

    Please don't take my words for trying to be mean, I admit, I know very little about breast feeding and probably need some enlightening, it's just that where I live (GA), I've never seen anything like this. I love your little Ember, she is the most precious girl and she seems SO loving.

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