While I Craft

Payson hasn’t napped in years and Ember hasn’t napped consistently for weeks. The last few weeks the longest nap she’s taken is like 45 minutes and most days she doesn’t nap at all. Or she will only nap if I’m laying with her and she’s breastfeeding! It’s awful. I’m working on that but it’s slow going.

These days if I want to do anything I have to find ways to entertain the kids while I work. You’ll find the little two playing with clean dishes while I’m washing the dirty ones. Folding a stack of hand towels while I fold the rest of the laundry. Sweeping when I’m sweeping. Etc, etc.

And while I craft… they play with my supplies.

I spent three hours cleaning my bedroom (also craft area and office area) the other day. I didn’t get an after picture but here’s the ridiculous before. The shelves are mostly empty because everything I own was shoved into a bunch of random boxes.

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