Hopscotch. Sorta.

Today at one point I went and locked myself in my bedroom and called Allan. I had spent the ENTIRE day cleaning and my house was still an epic disaster. And I’d spent pretty much the entire weekend cleaning, too. How is this possible???!
Oh yes, I have FOUR people working as hard as they can to destroy my house.

I basically told Allan I can’t possibly keep up with it all. I just can’t! I felt utterly defeated.

He wasn’t much comfort or help because he’s way too busy at work to even talk to me, which I know but can’t seem to stop myself from trying at least once a day to talk to him, so I hung up feeling the same. Upset. Overwhelmed.

I came out of my room and barked orders at the kids. I didn’t yell or anything, I’m not a “yeller.” But I did tell them, “You will not get one bite of food until these front rooms are clean!”
This was right before lunch time and they were all really hungry so… my house is now clean.
I had cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen while they picked up toys, books, and crap. Crap= ripped up stuff and ruined stuff because they are nothing but a bunch of monstrous destructomaniacs >:-(

The point of all this?
None, really. Just that my kids are kids. Don’t care about cleanliness in any way, only about entertaining themselves.
And if they wreck my entire house and I banish the bulk of their toys to my closet because of this, does that slow them down?
Nosiree, there are millions of other funs things to do.

Like, so:

3 thoughts on “Hopscotch. Sorta.

  • I am so grateful that you blog these moments. My kids are not phased in the least by losing toys/privileges. I hear other parents say, “Why, I just tell Junior that's not okay and that's it!” and I think, “Are my kids heathens? Have I failed in parenting them in some way?” because seriously, just telling my kids that's not okay means…nothing. Not when it comes to toys or cleaning. Reading a blog that is REAL helps me think I'm not so alone in the whole kids being kids department!

  • I swear I take away toys and books and belts and blankets and folders and notebooks and empty boxes and vaccuum hose attachments and everything else under the sun on an almost daily basis, and nothing –nothing– gets through to my bunch either. They play with the most ridiculous, obnoxious stuff and never put anything away. Ever. If I had the time and ambition, I honestly would get rid of almost everything they own. They don't really “use” it anyway…they just throw it around and then refuse to clean it up. *sigh* Parenthood…such fun sometimes 😉

  • I'm glad that it makes other moms feel better. Heaven knows I need that for myself on an hourly basis! I sometimes think I'm completely failing at everything in life.

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