Garbage Digger

She sees it as her own personal toybox. The garbage. Lots of fun things to eat and play with in there.
~We have a lock on our pantry, where the garbage is kept. It’s the second lock we’ve tried. She can still open the door.

One thought on “Garbage Digger

  • My kids did the same, and now that they are older, they get into the pantry to get their own snacks out. Which would be great, except instead of getting a snack and sitting at the table to eat it, they think they aren't supposed to (I have NO idea why!!!) and so they sneak the snack to behind a chair in the playroom and then the snack time turns into crush crackers into the carpet time, or paint the walls with peanut butter time. We now have one of those flip locks up high on the pantry door. Like that, only ours is white to match the trim/door, and they are only $1-2 at Lowes/Home Depot. 🙂

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