I have so much I want to do and say on this blog but I can’t seem to find time to type. I have times where I edit photos or check in on facebook or email but I am always holding, and breastfeeding, Ember while I do so. And I just can’t find the brain power to type coherently in those times. Right now it’s 10:09am. I’ve been up for three hours spending some pretty awesome time with my kids. We did preschool stuff and they’re in good moods.

And so I sneak away for just ten minutes to try to blog real quick and…

they’re both over at my sides, one on either side, Ember pulling at my shirt for milk and Payson talking a mile a minute…

I just can’t think clearly enough to talk about what I want to talk about. And there is so much lately that I want to talk about!

So I just close my blog window and wait until Ember is napping and Payson is doing something interesting, quietly , and then, those times never come. Ember doesn’t nap on her own anymore except maybe a half hour a day. Payson is never quiet and when Ember naps he demands all that time of mine for himself…

so I guess what I’m saying is, when I type I feel like I’m on drugs. My brain is altered with these kids’ noises and voices and demands. haha

BUT, I’m going to try harder to find the time to sit down and type because it makes me really sad that all of these things that are happening are lost forever since I didn’t write them down. I forget everything (which is why I started journaling as a child and kept it up all the way until I started blogging) and I’m positive I won’t remember the emotions and thoughts I was having at this time of my life.

Aaack, Ember is playing with my boob (breastfeeding is as much play time/special mommy time as nourishment, I have a whole other post about that brewing! lol) and I can’t focus anymore!

I’ll end this post with a couple pictures from a short family walk the other day.
We are desperate for some cooler weather here!

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