The other day after dropping the older girls off at school we went to the store for some groceries. I’ve been trying not to stock up on food too much because it tends to go bad or it just gets overwhelming to try to remember what we have and what I’d planned for dinners and everything.

So after months of only buying for three days in advance (and often times being stuck with no food for dinner because I couldn’t make it to the store!) I decided to just do a super mega shopping trip and stock up like crazy. I spent $250 on food and my cart was literally overflowing. I debated grabbing another cart but by the time I thought about it we were 3/4 of the way through our trip and at the back of the store so I just carried on, stacking things precariously high.

We made it through checkout well enough. I did have a really hard time getting everything to stay in/on the cart but figured it was a short walk to where my car was parked so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to carry bags and a box and push the cart.

And luckily I only had my younger two because they are SUPER great shopping buddies.

So as I exit the door to head into the parking lot I see that it is raining.
No, pouring.

Oh no. Oh no no no.

I must’ve said it out loud because another shopping nods, sighs, and says, “Oh no.”

I decide to heck with it all we’re going to get soaked and that’s ok. I tell Payson, “Are you ready to hurry to our car in that rain?!” And he hangs on tighter to the two bags he’s carrying and says, “YES!!”

We start hurrying across the parking lot and a box falls off my cart and then a bag, which I run over, but we make it to the car and I get everything unloaded. I’m so soaked I feel like I took a shower in my clothes. And I’d just blow dried and straightened my hair that day which was the saddest part. I rarely straighten my hair because it takes forEVER and now my hair was frizzy, kinky curly. Oh well. My two little kids were in the best moods ever because we had all this yummy food AND we’d had a parking lot adventure in the rain.

We got home and Ember was SO CRANKY because she was super hungry and she didn’t like how long it was taking me to unload all of our many groceries.
She decided to play with some of our food…

I set up some new booster chairs for the kids. I’ve been meaning to buy some for AGES but just hadn’t. Finally with them set up and the kids buckled in there was a peaceful meal!! They’ve been such a help! Ember LOVESLOVES being at the table with the family. I used to always pull her highchair over next to the table but it just wasn’t the same.

Making sure they had the same lunch.

2 thoughts on “Lunch!

  • I love when you post pictures of your kids lunches! They are very similar to the lunches I feed my own kids so I like looking at the pictures and seeing if there's anything new I can add. What is the green sticks? It almost looks like avocado? (And good job on giving them healthy meals! My kids take their lunch to school and anytime I am at the school I always get comments about how my kids eat veggies like they're going out of style LOL)

  • Thanks, I try really, really hard to feed them healthy. It's really difficult when they go through picky phases to just keep offering them healthy options and have them throw it on the floor! Luckily they eventually seem to come back around to liking it.

    The sticks are actually these things called veggie straws, or something. I don't usually give them those for lunch (we take those on errands for a simple snack) but that lunch needed to be super fast since they were pretty much having breakdowns from hunger. haha

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