The Day I Don’t Want Again

Today sucked.

Nothing dramatic or noteworthy. It just sucked. I felt annoyed by a lot of things. One of which is the fact that my toddler won’t sleep! She’s been completely refusing to take a nap and she freaks out at bedtime, too. She’s been a terrible, terrible sleeper her entire life but this is just ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous and Ember and things she’s been “terrible” at her whole life…

Ember’s been my pickiest eater by far. She breastfeeds all day long and refuses almost all food. I haven’t worried about it too much since she is growing perfectly; I just figured she was content with her mama milk and her nibbles here and there of food and eventually she’d eat.

And this week she has started to eat!! She’s still picky but she eats a full serving of food for every single meal now! Woohoo! (She also still breastfeeds just as much if not more than ever! My nipples are not happy nipples this week!)

Someone recently asked about Payson’s gluten and dairy allergies. The update is pretty boring: he still has them. We “test out” gluten and dairy every 3-6 months (not at the same time) to see if he still reacts as severely to them and, he does.

Oh yeah, remember how Ember isn’t sleeping? Today I was trying desperately to get her to nap because she was SO cranky exhausted. Well in the twenty minutes I was failing at putting her down for a nap Payson was coloring on my bedroom door with permanent markers. I’m sad about it.

Um, this picture doesn’t even have a story. It is Allan, on the phone. haha
Switching subjects completely,
I am really done with summer. The 110 degree temperatures are beyond old and making me crazy. We’re on a super strict budget now (gearing up to move and take a huge loss on our house) and so going anywhere is a big no no. (It costs me $8 in gas to drive to the store!)

3 thoughts on “The Day I Don’t Want Again

  • I've had days like that too lately. Hang in there. Fall will be here before you know it. I was wondering about Paysons allergies lately too. I hope he eventually grows out of them.

  • Rubbing Alcohol helps with permanant marker. A science teacher friend of mine told me about. Something with the chemicals. I tried it on my tile when one of my boys colored on it with permanant marker. Good Luck.

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