Bath Crayons. Not the Best Invention.

I spotted bath crayons in the store the other day and had a flashback to 5 years earlier when I’d first discovered the product. Crayons for the bathtub. Washable. Brilliant!
I had bought them back then and proudly passed them out to Brooklyn and Sierra to have an even better bathtime experience. And then I got them out of the tub and dried off and dressed and when I went to wash the crayon off… it didn’t come off easily. In fact, it was a lot of work to scrub it off my bathtub walls! What! Stupid product! I threw them away.

So back to the present day, spotting them in the store. Surely my memory is wrong? These sound so fun! I have to try them again with my little kids!

Turns out my big kids thought they’d give them a try as well…
and after twenty freaking minutes of scrubbing, batch #2 of bath crayons are currently in their final resting place. The trash.

2 thoughts on “Bath Crayons. Not the Best Invention.

  • I'm not signing my name to this, but when my kids were little I also bought the bath crayons. My husband and I would use them to write little notes to each other on the shower walls to make sure the other one got the memo, since we were working opposite shifts and rarely saw each other. Well, as time passed the notes got a bit naughtier. Nothing outright nasty, but certainly things that should be kept between husband and wife. (Kids were all too young to read, for the record!) I didn't realize that they wouldn't come off the walls very easily. I had scrubbed and scrubbed but if you looked at it, you could still see what had been written. I didn't worry about it toooo much, and figured I'd get some magic erasers to get it off. That plan would have been fine, except my kids babysitter gave them a bath one night. She was 17. Once I realized why she was no longer making eye contact I felt horrible! So embarrassing for her and for us! Never again will I buy bath crayons!

  • Oh my gosh that's one of the funniest parenting stories ever!! I'm so glad you shared that! This week's been stressful, I can use some more laughter! 🙂

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