I used to be so much better at taking pictures of Ember in carriers. Now I just don’t because… probably mostly because it’s hot. I feel hot and yucky on most errands (it’s like 110+ here!) and just hate pulling out my camera when I don’t feel comfortable.

So I let Ember walk around pretty much everywhere we go these days. I haven’t been letting her walk through grocery stores, though. The other day at Target when I let her walk and she was nonstop taking things off shelves and putting them in my cart and whatnot (cute that she knows that’s how to shop, not cute having to put everything away!) I decided that there is just no way I’m ever letting her walk in a store again. haha, just kidding, but certainly not for a long, long time! It’s way too much work during an already torturous activity (shopping is my very least favorite thing to do with children!)

She is still in this lovely phase of adoring the carrier so it was perfect. And then, she fell asleep!!! I got a full hour of shopping in total peace!

Her head kept flopping backwards as she slept so I fastened the head cover up to support her.

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