As Fast as I Can!

Another quick blog post. I have been so busy!! I tell you I am seriously, overwhelmingly excited about next week. SCHOOL! 6 hours of time to devote to cleaning and cooking and quality time with the little two! Everything seems better when school is in session. Funny, funny, funny that I homeschooled Brooklyn and Sierra up until last year. How’d I do it?! I was like supermom.

Don’t get me wrong, I lurve my chillens, I just really love peace and quiet sometimes, too!

So this week I’ve been:
-making Brooklyn’s birthday decorations
-shopping around and finishing off decorating her room, too!
-crafting up a storm with the kids
-cleaning. oh my
-cooking. oh my
-spending so much time with my kids I swear this is a summer for the books!

I haven’t edited or looked at any other pictures from our Canyon Creek trip from this weekend but here are some “old” pictures from last week.
Ember helping me make dinner.

It was broccoli chicken casserole.

Ember playing in a box from Costco. We didn’t buy Vodka, they just packed our food in that box.
Oh howdy do I wish I had some vodka sometimes!
Kidding, I’ve never even tasted the stuff.

I took Brooklyn out for SEVEN hours one day just the two of us. It was the first time I’ve been away from Ember for that long. I missed her SO much but it was amazing being with Brooklyn alone like that. I truly can’t remember the last time we were alone together!! SAD.
It’ll be a monthly thing now, mommy-daughter dates!

For memory’s sake:
-we went to the movies
-got cotton candy
-rode the carousel
-played games in the arcade
-got ice cream
PhotobucketShe’s a cutie patutie!

2 thoughts on “As Fast as I Can!

  • I hear ya on school. Ours starts in 27 days. I'm so ready. I cracked up at Ember in the vodka box. Hehe. That's my fav drink w cranberry juice. Lol. Mommy daughter dates are so much fun. I don't get to do them nearly enough with my kiddos.

  • I am so glad you got the time to spend with Brooklyn! She is such a crackup! I bet it was a lot of fun! That individual time is so necessary and yet so hard to find. Give her hugs from me.

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