The weekend is over. Boo hoo.
Did you guys have a lovely one?
We went up north to The Rim area. We drove to Canyon Creek and played around.

There were some good and bad moments. Way more good than bad. The bad ones are funny, though. I’ll blog about it soon. Right now we’re headed to the store for school supplies; school starts here next week!! My daughters are full of excitement and nerves to meet their new teachers and classmates and see their new classrooms. So fun! I need to start thinking about what kind of first day of school things I want to do!

One thought on “Monday!

  • I can see that you've been getting this comment on facebook a lot but I'm going to say it aswell. I just re-found your blog again today and I'm SOO happy that you've started blogging again! I used to read it daily and I've spent the evening from where I left off, in late 2011!! I look forward to many more posts from you

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