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I got two letters in the mail today from the girls’ school. They were to inform us of the girls’ new teachers, invite us to the back-to-school night and included a copy of the supplies the girls will need this year.

This summer has felt endlessly long. And yet it has also gone by in the blink of an eye.

I’ve been trying very hard to fill the summer up with fun memories for my girls. I’ve been trying to spend every spare second in quality time with the kids.

Which doesn’t leave much time for me, and not for blogging as much as I’d like to. I know I won’t regret choosing extra time with the kids over blogging. And I always eventually get some time to sit down and type so it’s no big deal.

We had some pretty cool storms this last week. These pretty cool storms made for some pretty cool sunsets, too.

2 thoughts on “Quick Post before Bed

  • That photo is amazing! What a gorgeous sunset. I know exactly what you mean with the summer. It's the same for us too. This year my youngest starts kinder! Ahhh! Where has the time gone? I think you guys have squeezed in a lot of activities. I started making a list of everything we have done this summer so when I look at it I am reminded we have actually done a good amount of stuff and made the most of it.

  • You've been doing a lot better with keeping your blog up than I have. I look back over my posts from the summer and it's really sad 🙁 I have *maybe* one post a week…sometimes more than that, but then a lot of times there's 10-14 days between updates. Like you, though, I'm sure I won't regret using that time (because it takes a lot of time!) on other more important things 🙂 When does school start there? I think our first day is August 22nd or somewhere around there… I kinda' can't wait. But I know I'll be wishing for lazy summer days again after a week or so…

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