My Children’s Eyes, a Comparison

I’ve taken pictures of my kids’ eyes close up many times. I don’t usually post those because… they’re eye pictures, they’re not that interesting for others, I’m sure. lol
But the other day I sat each kid down in one place and took a picture of each of their eyes so I could compare them. I know every detail of each of their eyes and how they differ but having it in picture form is really awesome. My kids have such different eyes!





And all of them, they’re in birth order left to right, naturally:
I found it interesting that their eye color gets darker by birth order. How fun is that? haha

2 thoughts on “My Children’s Eyes, a Comparison

  • That is so stinking cool to look at side-by-side! They are all so different! I'd say ember and Brooklyn's are the most alike in shape, just totally different colors. I LOVE how big Sierra's eyes are. So pretty 🙂

  • That is really cool! I always wonder if I would get a dark eyed kid if I had more. I have dark eyes (I'm half Japanese so it's a definite dominate thing I'd think) , hubby has blue. My Mom has black eyes, Dad has blue. Hubby's Dad is blue and Mom is green. I remember back in school doing that dominate/recessive gene chart and that I had a 1 in 4 chance of a blue eyed kid if my husband was to have blue eyes and 3 dark eyed kids. I remember trying every combination of what my husband might have, lol! Our daughter has green/hazel eyes and our son has very blue eyes. I sometimes want to have 2 more kids just to see if the other 2 would have dark eyes. I have to admit I love Ember's brown eyes. Something warm and gentle about dark eyes.

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