I’m Typing this Post and then Going to Bed

I’m sitting at my computer typing this blog post while Allan is sitting on the couch behind me working on his laptop.
It is 11:16pm.

Allan’s so darn busy during the summers.
July is always the worse. July is always his busiest month where he can barely make it home in time to get enough sleep; having time to spend together as a couple? Ha.

So when he came through the door tonight at 10pm I about jumped out of my skin with excitement to see him.
But his first words were, “I still have some work to do.”
And so he sits over there and I sit here and we both type.
It’s not all bad. For a while I sat by him on the couch while he worked. I rested my head on his shoulder and remembered how nice it is to be married.

Earlier today the kids and I went to the store. Ember was fussy and fell asleep in the car and for the first time in her life I put her in the cart while she was still in her carseat so as not to wake her. (Yes, that big ol’ carseat… it worked though, she stayed asleep)

The kids spent the rest of the day making forts in the family room.
Yep, it was all pretty riveting.

2 thoughts on “I’m Typing this Post and then Going to Bed

  • I'm so glad your back 🙂 It's so enjoyable reading your blog each day. I know you get this question a lot, but I was wondering, What camera do you use & what lens? Do you use auto settings or are you a manual user?



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