Panda Express!

My and Allan’s favorite place to go if we’re out and needing a quick meal.

Brooklyn and Sierra shared a meal which meant Brooklyn eating the rice and chow mein as fast as she possibly could so that Sierra couldn’t have any. Sierra was in love with the meat entrees so didn’t care too much. Brooklyn didn’t taste a bite of meat.

Payson ate his food as fast as he could, barely stopping for breath. The kid eats a lot.

Ember is my pickiest and refused everything except for the fortune cookie she stole off the tray and managed to open while I was getting Payson set up with his food.

One thought on “Panda Express!

  • Panda Express is my favorite! My husband hates it though so I eat it when I am on errands alone. Lol. Too funny about Brooklyn hogging all the noodles.

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