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  • The baby who lost his arms to frostbite was so cute. Made me crack up. My favorite part was Payson saying he would be pissed. Totally made me laugh out loud. I could picture my son saying something like that too. Hehe. They are all so stinkin cute. 🙂

  • So much fun!!! I loved how Payson was pissed about his puzzle piece — made me laugh out loud!!! 🙂

    One time my son was fussy in the shopping cart and throwing a fit (about 8/ months old). While we were cashing out my daughter looked at the cashier and says “He is so pissed off right now!” and I couldn't help but laugh as I turned three shades of red… out of the mouths of babes!

    Love to read your blog again!!

  • I have had houston say he was pissed at me a time or two myself. i literally LOLEd.
    His little look of remorse when you said that was pretty mean , was priceless. Bless him.

  • I can't help but smile watching that! Pieces and bits of just everyday life is so fun! How do you piece the videos together like that? Is it a program? I take tons of random video daily like this too and I would love to be able to put clips together for my blog since I am finally blogging again 🙂

    I agree I am glad you're back and I am glad to be back blogging too so I can catch up with people again.

  • April- thanks. The frostbite part had me laughing, too.
    Liberty- I was glad he said that in our house and not at the store! I do say pissed off so I know he got it from me. Embarrassing. haha
    Jade- He does turn his attitude around pretty quick.
    Michelle- I use a software that came with my computer, Windows Live Movie Maker. It's not a very good editing program but it gets the job done and was free. haha

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