More Spiderman Toys?!

The account coordinator from the company that made the Spider-Man toys (and other Spider-Man promotional materials) for Carl’s Jr. (The CDM Company) saw my blog post about Payson’s birthday and how much he loved his toy and sent him the rest of the collection and a few other Spider-Man things! Um, how nice is she?! What a thoughtful company 🙂

Ember thought that the toys were for her too since she’s in love with Spider-Man as much as her big brother is.

I’m pretty sure this size XL Spider-Man shirt was intended for Allan but Ember insisted on wearing it. And she wore it for quite some time!

Payson was attached to the hat right away. He wore it all day long even though the hat was for an adult 🙂

Perfecting her web spraying skills.

I filmed them opening the box. They loved it. And also, my kids fight over toys a lot.

PS: If you dress up like Spider-Man on July 4th you can eat free. My 4th of July plans hadn’t included Carl’s Jr. but now I’m seriously thinking we should go. Payson would flip out at free food at the place plastered with awesome Spider-Man pictures and I’m sure there will be others there dressed up. It’ll be like Spider-Man heaven.

Should I take him!?! I feel I must! haha

PS: totally not paid (or even asked) to say any of this stuff. Just loving on the Spider-Man stuffs and nice companies 😉
(How did it come to this, a 29 year old woman immersed in everything Spider-Man. Oh yes, this 29 year old woman adores her baby boy! ha)

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