Yesterday Allan left work early so we could get to the apartment complex before they close and fill out an application.
We got there with plenty of time before they close. But…
Thirty minutes or less before we got there a different family had and snagged the apartment. The only one left that would have worked for us.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. We’d been to so many other apartment complexes and there were only two that we were willing to live in and both didn’t have any availabilities now. Ugh.

So I basically went into denial about this new limiting of options. We went to a furniture store just after that to look at tables (because living without a table is horrible!) and didn’t have any luck there, either. I didn’t realize how freaking expensive tables are. We decided to just buy a WalMart table instead. I don’t care if it’s not the prettiest, I just want to sit down with my family and eat dinner! haha

So last night after feeling like crying with the idea that I might still be trapped out here in this desert for who knows how long, I decided to look online again. There are very few options here in Arizona. Allan says it’s because so many people foreclosed on their homes and are now renting. That makes sense… but it sucks for us because there are no openings.

I did find a few townhouses that look ok. They are much further than we wanted to move from Allan’s job but at this point we’re willing to deal with an extra twenty minutes on his commute (that really sucks though) just to be able to live in town and not be so isolated.

So I have called two of the townhome rental agents and neither answered. Hopefully they call back. In the meantime we’re still in this major limbo. Transition phase… so terrible. I’m not handling it all well. I wish I was. I wish I was a stronger person who had faith and long suffering but I’m not. I do try to be… I should be with all the “practice” I’ve had at waiting for things to happen. haha

I’m surprisingly in a good mood though. I mean, I desperately want to move but having a healthy family and all of the other blessings we have quiets any moments of wanting to complain or rant. Sort of… like I said, I’m not even close to perfecting my ability to handle uncertainty 😉

So, entirely unrelated,

This morning I made Payson waffles and sausage for breakfast. The older girls were still asleep. While his food was cooking I did a quick load of dishes and after I served him his plate of yummies I got started on dinner. I’m making this absolutely delicious crockpot meal that my online friend Sara told me about, so I’m putting all the ingredients in, chopping vegetables and whatnot and after a few minutes Payson’s food is devoured and word for word he whines at me,
“Mom, why are you not making me food?”

My kids talk about food all day long. That’s not an exaggeration. At all. And trust me, they get plenty. You all remember when I did posts about what my kids eat, right? Never a shortage, that’s for sure.

So yesterday at the furniture store:

Payson pouted when I had put my camera away after snapping that one picture. Because he wanted a picture of him doing a spiderman pose, of course! “Picture me doing this spiderman pose, mom.”

Last night.

This morning Ember woke me up so early. I am dead tired today from not getting enough sleep. But she had a valid reason, she’d peed through. She was sopping wet from her chest to her ankles!! I’m SO frustrated trying to find diapers that don’t leak! I’ve tried:
Target Brand
all different types
In sizes 4 and 5.
4s fit her perfectly and 5s are way huge. I WANT to try Huggies because from using them with Brooklyn I remember they are fantastic with leaks but Ember broke out in a rash when we used Huggies when she was an infant so I’m afraid to buy an entire package and then end up not using it if she gets a rash again.

I really hate washing her bedding every single morning!
This was just after her bath, she found Brooklyn’s crown and wore it just like this, giggling the whole time.

I’m exhausted but happy, I love my baby girl!
I need to go clean the kitchen again, yes I totally spent an hour cleaning it this morning and it is beyond trashed right now. Also, I might call those townhouse agents again.

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