Ember is Picky

The kids have just sat down to watch a half hour movie. I just finished feeding Ember and putting her to bed. I’m about to go through Payson’s baby pictures to find the ones I want to print for an album. It’s my new goal (to handle the thousands of pictures I take)to get one full album complete for each child’s birthday. I did one for Ember’s first and Sierra’s sixth and next week my little Payson turns four. What!?
And so the album work has started. Wish me luck!

I’ll leave this with these pictures of me holding Ember while chatting with Allan and then while feeding her. She is a suuuuuper picky eater. Pretty much the only foods she’ll eat consistently are:
spaghetti (her fave)
any and all meat items
mozzarrella string cheese

Mixing things into her spaghetti is the only way I get enough veggies into her. Her love of oranges is awesome, thank goodness for that. The meat and string cheese is nice to know she gets plenty of protein.

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