Sierra’s First Ear Infection

Tuesday or Wednesday (the days blur together for me!) when I picked the girls up from school Sierra mentioned that her ear was plugged and wouldn’t unplug. She said it had been plugged all day and was annoying her.
I told her a few tricks to try to help her out but no luck.
I didn’t think a whole lot about it and we headed out to run to Target. I rarely go on errands anymore because of gas cost and just the hassle of taking four kids shopping. I really wanted to buy some new nursing bras though. After 18 months of use the three I have and wear often (I hate my other ones) are getting wore (worn?) out.
But as we’re walking through the store Sierra is complaining and complaining and even starts crying. And then, as only Sierra can, she starts having a meltdown.
Sierra is my child who is pretty go with the flow, happy, laid back. But when she goes “there” she goes there. She flips a switch from happy to nothing in the world can fix this and there’s almost nothing I can do to stop it. I just grit my teeth and wait for it to end.
I could write a whole other post on her and this weird trait of hers but I’m too dang tired to! haha

So I knew something was wrong (guessed right away ear infection) if she was crying in the store like that. I stopped shopping immediately and headed towards the door. We went to urgent care because the doctor’s office was closed (and they likely wouldn’t have an appointment available anyway, my doctor office SUCKS when it comes to sick visits!) and it was close to our house.
The doctor there said her ear looked really bad and that the other one (that didn’t hurt her yet) was getting pretty bad as well. I was surprised that she had a fever when they took her temp because an hour before I’d felt her forehead and it wasn’t hot. The ear infection went from pesky to very bad pretty fast!
We picked up some antibiotics for her and some motrin and tylenol for pain. Oh and she got a beanie baby from the urgent care. That made her happy! Until the pain started again when the tylenol wore off and she screamed at the top of her lungs about her pain!! That girl.
Nothing the motrin didn’t fix 😉

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