18 months now. This little girl has decided recently that food is for the birds. She wants milk and milk all day and milk only. Every time I pick her up or walk into the room or she follows me somewhere or I wake up or I’m asleep or we’re at the store or I’m buckling her into her carseat… she’s signing milk. She signs it with both hands. Probably to get her point across. Milk! Milk! Milk now! Milk all the time!

And I’m getting pretty messed up from 18 months of sleep deprivation. And she is clingy to me. And she has started throwing little fits if I refuse like in the middle of the store. And she wants her hands down my shirt at ALL times with her hand cupping my nipple.

But when things aren’t that fun for me. When I start to think about weaning her…

the moments happen. Daily. Snuggled together, her eyes locked on mine, her hands rubbing my face, my chest, my hair… her lips smiling as she drinks…

It’s her decision… these breasts were created to nourish her and outside of physical nutrition they’ve comforted and soothed and calmed and made her feel safe and at peace… they are hers for this time. And that’s ok. Because though it feels like it, it’s not going to last forever.

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding

  • Colton is an entire year younger than Ember but I have those exact same thoughts as you. 50% of the time I think that I want to wean him…for a number of reasons. It would be “easier” to whip out a bottle and hand it to him if he got fussy in a store or a restaurant; it would be a lot easier to manage his food intolerances and to encourage weight gain if I knew exactly what he was taking in; it would help separate him from me a little bit because right now he doesn't want anything to do with ANYONE else.
    But…just the thought of weaning him makes me want to cry. I'm not ready to give up that bond, those snuggles, and the thought that I'm his favorite. It's such a tough rollercoaster of emotions to go through.
    Sounds like you're doing what's best for both of you and that's all anyone can ask for 🙂

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