18 Months with the Cutest

Me and children. Cuz I’m never alone. Photobucket


Sold this on ebay. Got $10 for it. Yeah. Photobucket

Ember can reach every counter in my house. Ember uses this skill frequently. She looked surprised when the cereal splattered all over her. Photobucket

Then she was like, get this stuff off me,! Photobucket

And here I imagine she’s saying, “What a world, what a world!” Photobucket

Trying to decide if she’s happier in the tub… Photobucket

I think this is better… Photobucket

Yeeees, this is better! Photobucket

This is the best! Photobucket





I always tell her nursery rhymes and sing songs to her and stuff while she bathes. I was telling her the tiny turtle rhyme and she was doing the motions. Here she was eating the soap. Photobucket


This was on facebook. On picture day Brooklyn was sad when I wouldn’t let her go to school like this: Photobucket

I let both girls pick out their outfits (well after saying no to the one above) they’re both picky about what they wear. Brooklyn always wants to dress in the ugliest clothes she owns (seriously) and Sierra usually dresses really fancy, but for picture day she wanted her very favorite dress, this hello kitty one. Photobucket

This was the second outfit Brooklyn picked out. I just let her, what do I care really? The school pictures don’t go on our walls πŸ˜‰ Photobucket

I took Ember’s 18 month pictures in our backyard. It’s not pretty but after driving out into the desert and feeling angry at the ugly scenery (I’m so so so over the desert) I decided the backyard was good enough. Photobucket

I can’t wait to live somewhere green and take some fairy pictures of Ember. I’m going through withdrawals for some nice grass and leaves! Photobucket

I had her hold her bunny again just because she’s even more in love with it now than she was before. So cute. Photobucket

You can’t tell but she wouldn’t hold still for a second so some pictures were a little blurred but so cute… this super flared editing hid the not-tack focus a bit πŸ™‚ Photobucket


This one is my favorite: Photobucket

But this one with her cheesey smile is a close second. Photobucket

She’s the cutest. Photobucket

Cutest, cutest, cutest! Photobucket

Cute.est. Photobucket

It wasn’t very interesting out there so I played around with editing. Photobucket

Because sometimes I like way too many pictures in the same exact spot and I get sick to death of editing them. Photobucket

And yet I can’t just leave them alone. Ugh, I hate that about myself. Photobucket

But I really couldn’t leave any out… too indecisive. Photobucket

She is so beautiful. Sometimes I look at her face and can’t believe that she’s my daughter. She’s the prettiest little girl that ever was β™₯β™₯β™₯ Photobucket

I had a bunch of outfits for her and was going to do a whole little session with her but she really wanted to play so I gave up. I had a million of her in that fairy outfit anyway, any more would have been over the top excessive πŸ˜› Photobucket


Payson was out there, too. Photobucket


He was practically dying of jealousy over Ember having her pictures taken. He begged me to take some of him doing his spiderman pose. Photobucket

Which Ember thought was the best thing ever. Photobucket

So she copied him. She’s been copying him every time he does it but this is the first time I photographed it πŸ™‚ Photobucket




PhotobucketAnd that’s really all I have to blog. The rest is journal bound, but to sum up:

whinewhinewhine-Ihatesellingmyhouse-whinewhinewhine. ha

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