All About 18 Month Old Ember Anya

She still loves to rip up paper. She will get into the girls’ backpacks and rip up their homework every single day if they don’t make sure they’re out of reach. She rips up books, notepads, anything. She can reach up onto the tall kitchen counters now which means nothing is safe. She loves books. She’ll sit down and flip through the pages baby-talk reading them to herself. She copies the tone of voice I use when I read to her. She also will pretend to pick up and eat the food from the pages. She loves to kiss people, especially babies, in books. She loves nursery rhymes and finger plays and little toddler songs. Her favorites are: Tiny Tim, Pat-a-Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Some of the hand motions she will do along are: In Tiny Tim I had a tiny turtle… she’ll immediately pretend to eat the soap because she knows that part’s coming. Pat-a-Cake: She does all the motions but her favorites are the rollllll it and then the end, baby and me! Itsy Bitsy spider: She puts her tiny little fingers together while talking along with me. SO CUTE!! Then she does the up comes the sun part, too. Little Bunny Foo Foo: She’ll point and shake her finger no no when the good fairy comes down. She loves anything with buttons. Phones, remotes, toys, my computer keyboard and mouse… anything. She still wants to nurse to sleep and still pinches me and scratches me a lot. She doesn’t sleep latched on all night anymore though! Not to say she has stopped waking me up fifty bazillion times… She smiles when you tell her to smile. It’s a really cheesy grin that I super love. I’ve always told her many times a day, “Hey Ember! I love you.” And now when I say it she says I love you back 🙂 She is a super picky eater. She only really likes meat. She’ll eat a couple bites of most things I eat (meat and potatoes girl) but hates carbs and dairy and eggs. She loves her belly button. She knows these body parts: nose, ears, forehead, belly button, feet. She knows the others most of the time but gets them mixed up, too. She LOVES shoes. She would wear shoes all day if she could. Anyone’s shoes. She’s actually pretty good at walking in big shoes, too! She spends a lot of time in the shoe closet playing with the shoes. She lights up and lunges for her shoes if she notices them and she’s barefoot. She loves DRESSES! I don’t know why or how this happened but one day I put a dress on her for church and she picked it up between her fingers and pranced around the room! It was SO FUNNY! I was laughing so much and she was just joyous, prancing around and smiling and touching the skirt… it was the cutest, funniest thing. Every time I put her in a dress or skirt she gets the hugest grin and prances around. You can tell she feels all dressed up! We didn’t make a big deal about dresses and my girls only wear them to church so it’s so funny that she’s like that. This summer her wardrobe will be all sundresses! YES! Every day when we go pick the girls up from school they get in the car and Ember reaches for them and smiling says, “hiiiii!!!” and then wants kisses from them. When Allan gets home she FREAKS out. She starts laughing and calling dada and sprinting to the door with arms outstretched. She refuses to let him put her down for a good hour. She’ll just cozy up to him and snuggle in his arms happy as a lark for the rest of the evening. She has taken to hitting Payson often during the day. We think it must be her getting fed up and deciding to get what she wants by hitting. She will hit him to get a toy or for no reason at all! Every time I tell her to say sorry and give him kisses. Which she does willingly and happily. But two seconds later she’ll hit him again, this time with a hard toy, and I’ll have to seperate them. She wears size 4 diapers and size 18 month clothes and size 4 shoes. She is 22 pounds. She has ten teeth total. She just got 6 molars last month, and two new front this week. She doesn’t say many words. She talks a lot though. I’m not worried, Payson was only saying a couple of words at this point and I got worried but by the time he turned 2 he was talking up a storm. She understands a lot of words, and the words she does say are: mama dada milk boobie (haha) hi bye I love you (it doesn’t sound like I love you, though) She loves toys. All toys. She’ll take stuffed animals or my little ponies and have them play together. She makes them walk around and talk to each other.

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