Half Day

Every third Wednesday of the month the kids have a half day of school. Usually it’s annoying because I have to drive an hour for them to go to school for three, but today it was good timing because when I got to the school I saw Sierra walking towards the car and she didn’t look good. She was near tears in the car because she was struggling to get her seatbelt on. She had a long sleeve shirt and sweater on and was saying she was cold and it was close to 70 degrees.
Needless to say, my poor baby is sick πŸ™

Brooklyn on the other hand is quite well and taking the extra time off school to cause chaos and destruction in my home, her usual. There was a blissful ten minutes of quiet while she did her homework. I’m about two seconds away from assigning her an essay on why it’s important to be nice to your siblings πŸ˜›

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