Photography Coincidence

For fun I went back and found the original arboretum image that I modeled the newest header photo after.
And out of curiousity I checked the date I took that first one, to see how long it’d been since.

And the date was 3/8/10.

Then I checked the date of the new image and it was 3/7/12.

Crazy, almost two years to the day later I took the same image!! I didn’t plan that at all either. How freaking cool crazy would it have been if I’d taken the second image a day later?!

One thought on “Photography Coincidence

  • Obviously they've all changed a LOT, but the biggest difference to me is Sierra! She was just a little baby then (well…not a “baby” but she was so YOUNG) and now she's such a little lady. She's really grown up so much in the last few months. So beautiful. All of them. Except I suppose I should say that Payson is handsome instead of beautiful ;c)
    I love that you came so freakishly close to taking them on the same exact date two years apart from each other. WOW. That's absolutely crazy!!

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