Right vs Wrong

Sometimes when I’m sweating over lunch boiling on the stove and there is a toddler screaming at my feet because she wants to be held all day I think maybe attachment parenting isn’t the best thing after all.

Because at 17 months old surely it’s ok for me to make lunch without having to hold her.

And the ergo? Almost useless considering that when she’s actually in a bad mood she refuses to let me put her in it. No, no, no, it has to be in my arms and in my arms only. To hell with whatever mom has to get done!
And in those moments I really do have this momentary pause, have I done the right thing or have I screwed myself because I literally can’t do anything without holding this child.

But then I know, I know everything I’ve done is right for her. Because I can see every good personality trait I admire, in this little girl already. And I really feel that the security and confidence she has is in large part due to the way I’m raising her.

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