Can it Be? Pee in the Potty?

Last week Payson told me he needed to pee in the potty. He’s done that several times over the last 5 months, since I first tried potty training him, and it’s usually just because he wants candy!
So I let him pee in the potty and didn’t think much of it. I’ve been absolutely petrified of potty training him with his allergies and diarrhea… I would tell Allan often I don’t know how he’ll ever be potty trained so young with such explosive, at times, diarrhea!
So anyway the next time he had to go he wanted to go in the potty too. I figured it was for candy again. Long story SHORT, after a few times of that I decided he is 3 years 7 months old, maybe I just need to DO this once and for all. And into undies he went.
And the next day he had three accidents, including a poop, but ever since then… not ONE accident and we even went to church, on lots of errands and he even woke up DRY this morning! Wow. My boy is actually potty trained! And it was EASY PEASY. Waiting until the kid’s ready really does work!

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