Attempt #5?

This is the fifth time I’ve tried to take pictures of my kids together for a Christmas card. I’m not very picky about what they’re wearing or if they’re smiling naturally. I just want two things:
-eye contact
-close together

If they’re not close together it’s not a keeper for me, for cards. I have several I’m printing for my walls but there’s something about Christmas cards that makes me need my kids to be super close together. I don’t know… but I haven’t got anything even close to good enough to print and send to people, as a card.

So I’m thinking, why the heck am I like that?
I don’t know. But I am and I can’t help it so I’m just going to stop trying for a Christmas card picture! I’ve got some cute pictures of my kids that I LOVE and that’s all that I care about. Besides, most of my family sees these pictures online anyway. Save paper by doing it through email. Right? šŸ™
The thing that bothers me in that picture is the gap between Sierra/Payson and Brooklyn/Ember.
But besides that, how cute are they?! I can’t wait to print this for my wall!

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