Allan and the Kids

Sierra is the one that asked me to take this picture over the weekend. She and Brooklyn were cuddling with Allan and she told me I should get my camera. I didn’t really feel like getting up and getting my camera since I was comfortably lounging with everyone on the ground myself, but how could I turn down a request like that?! I went and got the point and shoot.

When I came back they’d told Payson to join them and I put Ember nearby as well and it turned into another daddy and kids shot!
I’ll try to take a few pictures during school again today. And I really need to start taking more pictures of Brooklyn. It’s tough because she gets home and I get her a snack and we talk and then I let her do whatever the craft was for the middle kids that day. Then we read together and then it’s dinner and I just completely forget about taking pictures. I should take a picture of her doing the daily craft! I don’t know why I don’t!

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