7 Days of Sick

When I think I’m overtired and overworked.
My kids get sick.
And I’m up all night.
And I’m taking extra care of them all.
And it’s not very fun.
And I feel very sad that this is my life.

But things could be a lot worse.
So there’s no real reason to complain.
But I would like to sleep.
I would like to not have 21 hour work days.
I would like to have help.
I wish I had my mom.

Buuut I don’t. I won’t. I can’t change things. So on I go, working. Cleaning, cooking, childcare, on no sleep. This is my life. Might as well suck it up buttercup and make the most of it.

Because one thing’s for sure. I’m these kids’ favorite. And that’s pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “7 Days of Sick

  • I feel so very sorry for you having to do all of this on your own without family near by to help…(like your mom) I would go crazy without my Moma next door!! There are times when you just need a moment and I don't know how you survive without it! Do you ever lock yourself in a room and scream?! lol. I locked myself in a closet once, pretty recently in fact. lol!! Anyway, huge hugs to you and high fives for being the strongest woman on the planet!! Sick babies are quite exhausting and I certainly feel for you right now! I hope everyone gets well and you get rest soon! They are “only little once” right?!?! That's what Rusty and I remind ourselves of all the time! lol.

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