You’ll Find Me Amongst the Piles

I printed out three months worth of pictures of my entire family. There are 1100 photos here.
Someone may be a tiny bit of an overshooter.

In my defense there was a lot that happened in August, September and October!
Brooklyn’s birthday.
Brooklyn’s first day of school.
Payson’s doctor visit with xrays, etc.
Trip to Texas for my BIL’s wedding.
Brooklyn’s baptism.
Family get togethers.
Trip to the mountains.
Sierra and Payson’s school pictures.
Several “day in the life” sets of pictures.
Allan’s camping trip.
Ember’s birthday portraits.
Her birthday party.
Homeschool pictures.
First time riding the bus.
Activity days.
More doctor visits.
More family trips.
Trip to Utah (100 pictures right there!)

And then all the in between stuff! Wow. November will be a lot calmer and not have so many pictures. Mostly because I’m going to cut back on the snapping!
And because I’m feeling completely shocked that someone can have 1100 pictures from three measly months I feel like I need to justify myself! haha:
6 people… if I took only one picture a day of each person for their album that would be 540 pictures right there! So 1100 simply means on average I printed just about two pictures per person per day. Not a lot at all! Right?

PS: That’s also why I haven’t blogged as much here this week. I desperately want to sit down and write down all that’s going on but I have been consumed with getting my family’s albums started. I want to have all of 2011 caught up on by the time Christmas rolls around!

2 thoughts on “You’ll Find Me Amongst the Piles

  • Whoa. That's all I can say. I have felt overwhelmed with printing our pictures because there's so many and it's so costly. It's nowhere near 1100 in three months. wow!

  • I probably have you beat….except for the fact that I *NEVER* print anything. 🙁 That makes me so sad. I have thousands of pictures filling up tons of external drives! That's it. Just tons and tons and tons of memories that I never do anything with! It's so sad. 🙁 I'm CONSTANTLY editing SOMETHING…but it is NEVER of my own family. tear. ;(
    You have inspired me to try and print SOMETHING out. I probably will be so overwhelmed sorting through all the madness that I will give up, but at least I am inspired! 😉

    Anyway, you aren't alone in your overshooter-sickness! I'm right there with you sister! Snapping every moment possible….except for trips in town with my kids, I never manage those and have no idea how you do!

    My 32G iphone sent me a message yesterday that my phone was “out of space!” due to a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos! Just cell phone pictures alone I have thousands!!

    At least our children will never have to wonder what their childhood was like! lol! 😉

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