Destructive Baby, Raw Images, Picture Printing

Ember’s middle name should have been mischief.

My goodness this girl is into everything! I’ve spent hours babyproofing my house this past week. I’m shocked at how much she can get to. I’m basically emptying out all the front rooms. My bedroom is piled high with stuff waiting to be stored in my closet.

If she’s not making messes or ruining my stuff there are a few other favorite activities:
-keep mommy up all night
-cry to be held
-cry to be nursed

I tried out shooting in RAW today (I’ve never shot RAW before) to see how easy it is to fix white balance in camera raw.

To take two seconds to fix white balance is nice.

The last thing I wanted to share is a video I also stumbled upon this week that totally inspired me. It’s about printing out and doing something with some of your pictures.
Stacy Julian: Do something with some of your pictures.

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  • I was considering trying out RAW this past week but didn't for fear I'd run out of space on my card and didn't have another to switch out. How much more space do you think it took?

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